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Colorado Honeycomb chunks surrounded by raw mountain wildflower honey. Honey's natural state is in the crystallized form. This untouched, unfiltered honey will form crystals soon after being packaged and is perfectly edible, wax and all! It contains all of the nutrients, enzymes and pollen straight from the hive. Spread it on toast, biscuits, bagels or eat it right from the spoon! Produced by the bees in a valley right around the corner from Honeyville. 23 oz
Storage Tips
Store at room temperature.
Pure wildflower honeycomb.

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Best honey ever
Nov 20, 2022  |  By Chris
We ordered a large supply of whipped honey from Honeyville several years ago and just ran out recently. Ordered the raw honey and honey with honeycomb and WOW new faves!

Susan Vick
Mar 15, 2021  |  By SUSAN VICK
This honey is the best ever!